In a previous post, I wrote about my iOS Shortcut that connects Agenda to OmniFocus. With thanks to everyone for their questions, I wanted to follow up with some additional details around how I use the Shortcut and what my workflow is like.

This is all surrounding the fact that I attend a lot of meetings, so the goals here are to:

  1. set myself up to take good meeting notes
  2. store these notes for later reference
  3. peel out and handle the actions arising from the meeting
  4. share all of the above with the other attendees

This sounds like a lot, but this is why automation is awesome.

I’ll start off by making a new note in Agenda and linking it to the appropriate meeting in my calendar. This brings over text from the event that might be relevant, and also gives the note a temporal assignment (my favourite part of Agenda is how things get dated by when they happen, and not necessarily when they are created/edited).

During the meeting, I take notes as bullets, and identify actions as checklist items:


At the end of the meeting, I use the Share function to send the Markdown (this is a premium feature of Agenda) to my Process Meeting Notes iOS Shortcut.

This does a couple of things:

  1. It creates a project in OmniFocus called “Complete Actions from ”, including each action in the note and an additional flagged action (Review these actions for contexts, due and defer dates, or other needs) to draw my attention to the project:


  2. It starts an email to whomever I like, using the title of the note prefaced by “[NOTES]:” as the subject line. The body of the email is the notes but with action items (and completed actions) grouped under a heading:



This workflow is a massive timesaver for me, and also helps me to manage commitments with others, while also helping others to also be aware of how I perceive both their commitments and my own.

Also, I meet all four of those goals with one note and one Shortcut. Not shabby.

2 thoughts on “My Agenda Action Workflow

  1. Thanks for this – very useful and it will greatly assist my own workflow. Much appreciated!

    Is there any way to expand you iOS shortcut linking Agenda and OmniFocus to also insert the ‘Agenda Link’ to the Agenda meeting note into, say, the notes field in each OmniFocus action?

    • Thanks so much for reading, Jan! I’m glad this is useful.

      What you are suggesting is totally possible, as is, perhaps, adding some text to the end of the Agenda note saying something like “Processed to OmniFocus in Project X”, and then linking to that project.

      I might just do some tinkering here. Thanks for the inspiration!

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