Thanks for this Scotty – I have just discovered your Shortcut ‘process meeting notes’. I did try to install the updated version, but that seemed to fail (not sure why – potentially b/c it’s trying to grab email addresses and the way I have calendar configured may’ve blocked it).

An ulterior motive for using this was also to learn how shortcuts are scripted. To that end I have tried to read and understand each step in the flow to parse what’s happening and then grow my own understanding of how to build a shortcut. One question, then: at one step you have “Replace PROJECT with WORLD in WHOLE”. I see PROJECT, and I see WHOLE, but what is ‘World’ in this context? It goes on to appear a couple of times in the script, but I can’t figure out what it’s for, or what it refers to. Is it a Taskpaper signifier in some way?

If you could help me understand it, I’d much appreciate it. I want to learn!

Thanks in advance!