It’s day five of my series of posts about the wonderful addition of Shortcuts automation in OmniFocus 3.4 for iOS, and I’ve saved the big one for last. Today’s Shortcut is something that is, for me, a really useful tool for creating an ongoing diary of my life.

This Daily Journal shortcut creates a rich text (from markdown) summary of the day, including:

  • weather conditions and high/low temperatures
  • OmniFocus actions due (or overdue) today
  • OmniFocus actions which are flagged and available
  • OmniFocus actions which are tagged with the forecast tag and available
  • a list of calendar events
  • a list of all-day calendar events

I have this outputting markdown and rich text to make this easily extensible for storing the output (I send everything to Agenda, but it could go to any variety of apps that can get content from Shortcuts.

I want to thank Alex Hay, author of the Toolbox Pro app with Shortcuts actions and the Snapshot Journal. His dictionary actions to replace weather conditions with the right emoji were what I used here, and the work he’s done is brilliant.

And that’s the series! I’m a huge fan of the work the OmniGroup has done to enable automation of OmniFocus and create more utility for its content, and have had a blast writing about and sharing some of the ways I’m using this. I’d love any and all feedback about these posts or how you’re using Shortcuts with OmniFocus!

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4 thoughts on “Day Five: The Daily Journal, Five Days of OmniFocus Shortcuts

  1. HI Scotty,

    These shortcuts are really useful, thanks for sharing! You mentioned in your post that you like to output the Daily Journal to Agenda. I would love to do the same thing, but I’m struggling to figure out how to get Shortcuts to let me actually output the results of Daily Journal into a new note. I have the “Create Note in Project” shortcut available, but even after telling it which project to add the note to, it just creates a blank shortcut. I feel like there’s something I’m missing to get the “Make rich text from Text” action hook up with the Agenda action and actually create the note… any tips you might have?


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