Back on episode 25 of Nested Folders, Rosemary Orchard and I discussed agreements and the many kinds of these that are important for effective collaboration.

For me, a lot of these agreements end up getting supported by Slack, which is great.

I talked about my love for Data Jar on episode 49 of the Automators podcast, and how it allows complex data to be easily reused by multiple different Shortcuts.

This gave me an idea: what if I had a dictionary containing all the channel identifiers of my Slack workspaces? Then I could easily interact with them by web API.

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One of the features I wish OmniFocus had was the ability to add checklists. As an example, I need to go through a morning routine of four items every morning, but having four discrete actions in OmniFocus feels a little clutterful, and having a badge that reads 4 seems inappropriate.

There are other use cases, of course, where a number of steps represented by a single task makes sense to me:

  • Do my weekly review
  • Complete post-production on Nested Folders episode
  • Make bread in the bread maker

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