I am loving using the iOS 14 widgets to keep a clear eye on my day, and with Charty and its (beta) widgets and data views, I have been able to craft iOS Shortcuts that display really useful data on my homescreen.

I have two charts that I love, each drawing on my OmniFocus data to quickly display useful things:

  1. OmniDay: this uses the data view to give me a list of counts of actions I need to be on top of. The Shortcut that generates this chart can be downloaded here.
    • πŸš€ Action, a total of:
    • ⏰ Due actions available
    • 🎏 Flagged actions available
    • ⭐️ Forecast-tagged actions available
    • β˜‘οΈ Completed items today
  2. OmniWeek: this graphs a chart of actions completed today (β˜†), and in the six previous days leading up to today. The Shortcut that generates this chart can be downloaded here.

With these charts generated, it’s a matter of adding the Charty widgets to a home screen. For bonus marks, I made a third Shortcut called “Refresh Charts”, which just runs the two shortcuts above. I added it as a widget in a stack “behind” the OmniDay data, ensuring I can always quickly update the views.

I hope someone finds this useful and enjoys! Would love to hear what folks think.

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