I am loving using the iOS 14 widgets to keep a clear eye on my day, and with Charty and its (beta) widgets and data views, I have been able to craft iOS Shortcuts that display really useful data on my homescreen.

I have two charts that I love, each drawing on my OmniFocus data to quickly display useful things:

  1. OmniDay: this uses the data view to give me a list of counts of actions I need to be on top of. The Shortcut that generates this chart can be downloaded here.
    • 🚀 Action, a total of:
    • Due actions available
    • 🎏 Flagged actions available
    • ⭐️ Forecast-tagged actions available
    • ☑️ Completed items today
  2. OmniWeek: this graphs a chart of actions completed today (☆), and in the six previous days leading up to today. The Shortcut that generates this chart can be downloaded here.

With these charts generated, it’s a matter of adding the Charty widgets to a home screen. For bonus marks, I made a third Shortcut called “Refresh Charts”, which just runs the two shortcuts above. I added it as a widget in a stack “behind” the OmniDay data, ensuring I can always quickly update the views.

I hope someone finds this useful and enjoys! Would love to hear what folks think.

9 thoughts on “Homescreen Goodness: Using iOS 14 and Charty to Keep on Track

  1. Somehow the omni day widget does not show the list of counts, but the same layout as the omni week widget.
    Any tips to fix that?

  2. Hello! I am new to the widget process. Can you please help me find the place where I can make the following change?

    [For the Omni Day widget, add a Charty Data widget, then edit it to show Display Mode as “X value + Y value”. That should do it – hope that helps.]

    Thank you! Patrick

    • Hi Patrick!

      You can add the Charty Data Widget from the add widget interface, choosing Charty, then swiping left/right until you get to the one called “Data widget”.

      Once added, ping press on the widget to choose Edit Widget from the popup options, which gets you the setting for the widget’s display.

      In this interface, there are a variety of options for Display mode, which is where you’d set X Value + Y Value.

      Hope that helps!


  3. Oh my! Thank you Sir! 🙂 I appreciate you so much. As I start my journey, any recommended areas/readings to get me started on widgets? Your site has got me thinking about how better to see and interact with OmniFocus. Have a SUPER GREAT day! Patrick

    • Glad to help!

      For widget learning, I think the best thing you can do to start is to play with what you have. Try adding a bunch of widgets from apps you use, looking through the kinds of widget each app offers, and looking at their options. This is a great way to get a sense of what you might have.

      Beyond that, check out the sites for the widget apps I mention, like Charty and WodgetPack, for some more examples.




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