I wrote about re-imaging my Home Screen for productivity, and have gotten some tremendous feedback and ideas. Thanks everyone!

One thought really stuck with me: that this screen was designed around OmniFocus as a data source. This makes sense, since I use OmniFocus, and it’s my screen, but what about others?

For those who use Reminders or Reminders-based apps like GoodTask, I have made an updated WidgetPack widget and an updated Charty rings widget.

Now, of course I also had to fiddle with it, because I’m me, but here are some thoughts:

  • Yes, my first cut had more functionality, but I was finding too many aspects distracting, so I have distilled the content more: actions and events only
  • Having events on my front page (courtesy of a more compressed heading) is really useful
  • Speaking of the header, it is now linked to the Shortcut to refresh widget content
  • Toolbox Pro actions make each Reminder shown link back to themselves in the Reminders app
  • The heading above actions (GET TO IT) links to the Shortcut to refresh the Charty ring widget (though the latest beta allows the widget to run a shortcut!)

That context out of the way, the things you would need to have these widgets work:

If you have those, I hope you enjoy these!

5 thoughts on “Productivity Home Screen: Reminders Edition

  1. When you click the link above to Download the dashboard shortcuts that is not supposed to be using OmniFocus still requires you to down OmniFocus after you add the shortcut. Makes no sense since the whole point of the post was foe those who do not use OmniFocus.

  2. Thanks for the awesome shortcut first of all
    I have an issue here you could probably help me out with

    My widget doesn’t show my calendar entries
    Installed the whole thing last night and it totally got that i had no more events yesterday. This morning it seems to get that i still have events in my calendar. Yet its not showing them in the widget. Also when i try to touch „show up“ it doesn’t work it either klicks the date above or the „get to it“

    Do i have to to some tweaks to get the events to show up?
    Oh also I am on 14.3

    • Is the correct date showing at the top? It could be that the widget hasn’t updated yet. iOS can be a bit particular about when widgets actually update to reflect the latest data available to them.

      To be sure, check out what the widget looks like inside the WidgetPack app itself. I think that should always be up to date based on the shortcut last run.

      This is why I have the widget run overnight while I sleep, since the widget may only actually update minutes after I run the shortcut. It seems to vary though. As I understand it, iOS queues widget update requests and then honours them based on \insert black box here\. 😂

      Hope this maybe helps?

  3. I’m probably missing something basic here, but I added the shortcut as a widget, granted permissions, but when it runs successfully, I still don’t have a chart showing up. I did add Charty Test Flight.

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