v1.21 update

  • Minor update
  • Added Maps as a source for phone numbers in the Phone branch
  • Added alert to Bookmarked URLs branch to align to all the others

Download link below 👇🏻

v1.2 update

  • Added branch for Things, using its show URL scheme query parameter to show a particular project, or else the id parameter to show a built-in list

v1.1 update

  • Added branch for DEVONthink To Go
  • Added branch for Craft (requires choosing the workspace to open when you actually use the URL, but hey, you play the hand you’re dealt)
  • Added branches for OmniFocus 4 Beta
  • Added branch for Agenda 13.1 Beta
  • Added comment actions to capture changelog and protips

I was listening my pals Jay Miller, Rosemary Orchard, and David Sparks discuss Hook on a recent episode of the Automators podcast, and got thinking about how often I benefit from linking across resources on my phone/iPad (or would like to benefit from it, if I actually did it more).

Some real examples:

  • Put a phone number in an OmniFocus task
  • Reference an OmniFocus project in an Agenda note
  • Add a location in a Note

And plenty more.

So I got to thinking and assembled a new iOS Shortcut that I call Bubble Gum (because what better way to stick things together than with the stuff you have at hand?).

I really like running this Shortcut from Spotlight on an iPad, so that I can get to it whenever. It lets you search various things you might have and copies links to them to your clipboard for insertion elsewhere. I also use this on my phone set to the Back Tap accessibility move, because I can invoke that from anywhere.

As an aside, iPadOS does this infuriating thing where after running the Shortcut from Spotlight, Spotlight still holds the focus of typing, but ⌘+space will dismiss that (thanks to friends Christopher Lawley and Matthew Cassinelli for saving me from rage deleting my iPad).

Now, it wasn’t until I was waaaaaay down the rabbit hole when the realization struck me: you can’t really link to a calendar event or note by url. That made me sad. So instead, I made the desired event or note details be captured in url-encoded JSON, and added that as a parameter in a url to run Bubble Gum later, which would identify the only possible event or note you mean to be referring to, and open it.

This has been enormously useful for me, and I hope it is for you, too! I can see myself adding other branches here and iterating on this, so let me know if there is something else you’d find useful to add!

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18 thoughts on “[v1.21] Sticking Stuff Together with Bubble Gum

  1. Could you share the actions in the OmniFocus sections? I’m a beta tester and it thinks I don’t have OF installed. Seems like a really handy shortcut. Thank you!

      • Strange. I’m on OF 3.11.6 (148.9.3) and it’s still giving me a card that says I need an app l, but clicking the App Store link does nothing.

        • Odd – I wonder if you got shown a cached version I was sharing (I fixed the link in the post, which was initially for OmniFocus 4 by accident). Try the link in post once more? It should be good for OF3 now!

  2. This is so cool! Thank you. As a shortcuts novice, though, is there a way to edit it to use something like Things with this?

    • I wish there was! Unfortunately, Things content can’t be queried from outside Things, so that isn’t possible.

      One thing I have been considering, though, is a branch for “bookmarks/saved links”, where you could maintain a list of links to useful stuff you link back to a lot (a very popular project, a commonly visited webpage, etc.), so that might be a viable workaround to use for Things areas or Things-related links that are less ephemeral?

      Thanks for taking the time to check this out, Ben!

      • Thanks for the reply. Without taking too much of your time, is that because Things doesn’t allow backlinks or collaboration? I guess I’m trying to figure out what kind of feature request to put in to Cultured Code to make something like this work.

        Again, this is so cool that I want to find a way to use it as often as possible.

  3. Cool shortcut! Ever thought of using the Toolbox Pro “Get Event UUID” action and using the events UUID as the shortcut input instead of a dictionary?

    • That’s very smart! I tried to make this as widely immediately usable as possible, though, so didn’t employ ToolBox Pro actions. I think doing a TBP version could be pretty awesome, though, using its richer menu style, too.

      Will think about this – thanks for the idea!

  4. Weird. Last year I downloaded the shortcut and now I wanted to try it again.
    When I load the shortcut via iOS16 I can see all actions in the preview but once imported the actions disappear. I have tried this several times now.
    However, I can load the shortcut on the Mac, then I see the actions in the shortcuts app. If I look at this shortcut (imported via Mac) again on the iPhone – then no action is there.
    Seems to be a bug with large shortcuts on iOS 16.
    Maybe someone likes to check if this shortcut is still available for iOS16-users.


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