I recently had the enormous pleasure of being able to return to Learn OmniFocus, joining Tim Stringer to share some moves about using iOS Shortcuts with OmniFocus . We also went through ways to use this to customize Home Screens with widgets, with particular thanks to great apps that augment Shortcuts capabilities:

Tim has made a sample version of the video freely available to all, so I’ve added it here below, and is sharing the Shortcuts I built as part of hisĀ page highlighting this video/event.

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I wrote about re-imaging my Home Screen for productivity, and have gotten some tremendous feedback and ideas. Thanks everyone!

One thought really stuck with me: that this screen was designed around OmniFocus as a data source. This makes sense, since I use OmniFocus, and it’s my screen, but what about others?

For those who use Reminders or Reminders-based apps like GoodTask, I have made an updated WidgetPack widget and an updated Charty rings widget.

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