I’m not confident in my planning capabilities. I can gather as much information and there’s always something else that throws a monkey wrench. It’s maddening when something doesn’t go according to plan. I can live with the small missteps but then something major always frustrates me to no end.

I have been learning to get better at adding buffer times to make up for any course deviation that occurs when something called Life gets in the way. But I guess the journey is part of the fun. I learn from the experience and document any obstacles that comes my way. The next time, I get to fine-tune the plan and I can achieve faster results. When it becomes a well-oiled machine, I love the process.

I’m thankful for templates in my task manager app. It helps to speed up the preparation process the next time I have to repeat a workflow.

I also like to do the first couple of runs of a newly planned project. That way, I’ll become intimately aware of the daily activities and can document where I can improve and what needs to get tossed out or redefined. I never like to give a project to a subordinate unless I’ve been through it and I can truly understand what is going on.