Structure your day, combining the notetaking and task management experiences.

I love having a structured day, and using my favourite apps, OmniFocus and Agenda, coupled with Shortcuts, I have been able to establish that structure in a way that I’m excited to share.

These Shortcuts serve to enable a digital Bullet Journal system, where ideas, information, and tasks can be easily captured and put together, with an aim to making future task management easy by using OmniFocus’ powerful organization and integration with Agenda to surface tasks of importance.

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I got clued in to this tweet by the wonderful Federico Viticci through the latest Shortcuts newsletter from the equally wonderful Matthew Cassinelli and was enthralled by the possibility of grabbing an email’s URL to refer to it from outside of

Because I get a lot of email, it is often the source of knowledge, wisdom, and tasks, and so being able to refer to emails in other contexts (say, from tasks in OmniFocus or rapid-logged journaling in Agenda) is really valuable. So I set to work to make a Shortcut to manage just this.

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