On lucky episode 7 of the Nested Folders Podcast, Rose Orchard and I discussed how we “do productivity” with others who might or might not, and a lot of this really has to do with communication.

One thing Rose brought up was the importance of meeting notes and sharing them, so I thought I’d post about how I do this with Shortcuts and Ulysses.

I have two Shortcuts that I use. The first (aptly called Start Meeting) sets me up with a Ulysses sheet that guides me to take notes, capture actions, and record agreements.

The second (reasonably called End Meeting, and run by sharing markdown text from the Ulysses sheet) takes those notes and sends them to the attendees, ensuring everyone has access to my perspective of what just happened, and might also share theirs.

I’d love feedback or improvement ideas for these Shortcuts and this workflow!

2 thoughts on “Collaborating with Shortcuts and Ulysses

  1. Hi, tried your Start Meeting shortcut (because it looks like something I could use well), but it crashes after selecting the event. Any ideas why that might be? Thanks for any help!

    • Hi Andreas!

      I haven’t been using this one, so haven’t spotted it, but you’re right, it is crashing. I looked through the actions and have no idea why that would be. My gut says maybe Shortcuts bug?

      I’ll see if I can follow up. Thanks for letting me know!


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