On episode 12 of the Nested Folders podcast, Actions vs. Reference, I mentioned a shortcut to create projects in both Agenda and OmniFocus. This is awesome, because it allows me to have complementary and align organizational structures for both action/task management and reference material.

Here is the proof of concept Shortcut, Project Maker, which creates a project in OmniFocus and task to review and add to the project (which links to Agenda), as well as a project in Agenda with a note that links back to OmniFocus.

Certainly, this could be expanded by tying in input from your workflow as the project, defining more tasks/note content, and specifying folders/categories for projects to be placed in.

How might you improve this Shortcut?

In an upcoming post, I will share my current folder/category structure as a way of documenting how I decide what projects go where. I’m looking forward to it!

6 thoughts on “Projects in OmniFocus and Agenda

  1. Great Shortcut! One improvement that would be great is if the link to the agenda project could be included in the OmniFocus project note and not just the task created if possible.

  2. I attempted to follow the link and safari then give me an error that it does not recognize websites starting with workflow. Any ideas?

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