Me on LearnOmniFocus

Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure of working with Tim Stringer of Learn OmniFocus to present my workflows and OmniFocus set up.

It was an amazing experience, and I wanted to re-share it for everyone’s consumption. As always, I’d love to hear feedback, as I love learning from all the other contributors to Learn OmniFocus and the OmniFocus community writ large.

Note that the links I've used to Learn OmniFocus are affiliate links. My session was done before I was an affiliate, though, and I'd happily promote this either way. They're awesome and absolutely worth checking out.

Interested in hearing more?

I have partnered with the wonderful and talented Rosemary Orchard to co-produce the Nested Folders Podcast!

We share our thoughts on productivity topics, hope it's helpful to listeners, and would love everyone's feedback!

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