How I Weekly Review

On this week's episode of the Nested Folders podcast, Rosemary Orchard and I discussed our approaches to reflection and review of our productivity systems.

One of my keys here has been taking the traditional Getting Things Done weekly review checklist, and splitting it in to two parts:

  1. Reflection Friday: doing the Getting Clear portion in its entirety, and then doing the calendar review parts of Getting Current to ensure all things I might capture in my system are well-inventoried. The goal is to make sure I have a current capture of all the things.
  2. Executive Monday: inspired by David Kadavy's Prefrontal Mondays, this part of my review completes Getting Current and Getting Creative and Courageous by taking a more executive-level view of lists, projects, and actions to decide what I do about all the things I've captured. This is 100% decision-makign time about what I focus on, defer, delegate, delete, rename, adjust, etc.

This has been hugely helpful for me - what are your practices?

I also want to quickly give a shoutout to James Dempsy and Jean MacDonald and their The Weekly Review Podcast, which not only gave this an anthem (I hear the song every time I say the words), but also a lot of awesome and robust thinking on this topic. Great stuff!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj