Is It Worth Automating? And a Shortcut or Two

On this week's episode of the Nested Folders podcast, Rosemary Orchard and I discussed automation as a solution, and when it should be employed.

We didn't really answer the question, but I think we shared a lot that one could think about when considering the prospect of automation. Also, I wanted to share the couple of Shortcuts I have that take care of my favourite annoyances.

  1. Strip Formatting: this shortcut takes the clipboard, gets the text (only) form the input, then copies that text back to the clipboard, thereby removing any formatting.
  2. Telescrum: my team at work works in agile, and we sometimes conduct our daily scrum via Slack if there are conflicting events or only few of us around. This shortcut grabs my calendar for the previous work day and today and creates a list on my clipboard that I can paste in to our channel (no direct Shortcuts to Slack integration yet). This probably needs some editing to work for you, but is hopefully inspirational.

I'm looking forward to sharing some more Shortcuts soon, just as soon as soon as a few app updates ship publicly. 😉

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj