Day One: Five Days of OmniFocus Shortcuts

There’s a new release of OmniFocus in the world, and does it ever bring some powerhouse features over for dinner. With support for native dark mode, iPad multiple windows, and new context menus for quick actions, there’s a lot to enjoy.

The part that brings the most versatility, though, is the new expanded support of Shortcuts with Shortcut Actions. These enable everyone to be able to automate and expand what is possible with OmniFocus without having to know complex code.

To celebrate this, I wanted to share five Shortcuts I have made for use with OmniFocus 3.4, one each day over this week’s weekdays. Some will be useful right away, others might need to be customized a bit to really be useful to you, but I hope all can spark ideas about how all this new capability can be used.

Let’s get right in to day one, then!

The first Shortcut I wanted to share was also the first one I made, because I saw the immediate utility of being able to take OmniFocus data outside of OmniFocus itself.

With a shoutout to The Boss Review, an older post on my blog, here is a Shortcut I also call Boss Review that drafts an email to someone with a list of actions tagged with a particular tag. I can use this to prep my boss for our reviews by sharing a bullet list of all available actions tagged with her name.

This Shortcut is a pretty straightforward application of the Find Items action, which feels to me like the real hero of this release.

This helps me follow through with some of the things that Rosemary Orchard and I discussed on Nested Folders episode 7, How to Do Productivity with Others (Who May or May Not) by letting me use my system but also share its content.

I hope this is useful, and I’ll be back tomorrow to share a second shortcut!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj