Day Two: Project Markdown Table, Five Days of OmniFocus Shortcuts

It’s day two of sharing Shortcuts that take advantage of the new OmniFocus 3.4 capabilities, and this is another one that helps me share the content with others that has historically been just in OmniFocus with others.

The Project Markdown Table Shortcut showcases how the Find Items action results can be retrieved on a per attribute basis. It takes these attributes for each action in a selected project and organizes them in to a markdown table for email sending to anyone.

Of course, that text could be shipped or shared in any kind of way, but this is what I use it for mostly.

Much like yesterday’s post, this helps me follow through with some of the things that Rosemary Orchard and I discussed on Nested Folders episode 7, How to Do Productivity with Others (Who May or May Not) by letting me use my system but also share its content.

I hope this is useful to everyone!

Missed day one’s Shortcut? Check it out here. Interested in seeing some other kinds of Shortcuts or have other Shortcuts you’d like to share? Would love your comments and feedback!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj