Day Three: Today's Actions, Five Days of OmniFocus Shortcuts

Carrying on with Shortcuts sharing in support of OmniFocus 3.4, this one is a quick reference progress tracker.

The Today’s Actions Shortcut adds up due/overdue tasks for the day and reports back how many of them have been completed. It also demonstrates using multiple Find Items actions, and how their results can be counted and calculated.

This is a good one if you try to avoid notifications/badges, or for Siri help with if the screen with badge isn’t visible. Weirdly, though, I think the grammar variants were the hardest part of this.

This Shortcut helps me manage towards my bookends, as Rosemary Orchard and I discussed back on Nested Folders episode 3: Building Bookends by giving me a quick snapshot of where I’m at.

Hope this is helpful, and that people can also find ways to expand it!

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HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj