Day Four: Inbox Processor, Five Days of OmniFocus Shortcuts

It’s the penultimate post in this series of Shortcuts for OmniFocus! For day four, I’m serving up a bit of a turkey of a Shortcut.

I’m highly distractable, so even when I hide the panes of OmniFocus on my iPad, I still know they’re there. This is why I built the Inbox Processor shortcut.

This, one by one, serves me up my inbox items from OmniFocus so that I can process and organize them in to their proper spots.

The catch here is that Shortcuts can’t modify OmniFocus content, so this is making new actions out of inbox items. As such, I need to delete inbox items after I’ve gone through this, and I need to go through the whole thing or else risk losing where I was at.

Likely, the real utility of this one is limited, but I wanted to share it anyway because it feels like one of the more creative ones I’ve done, and it might spark ideas for others around how it could be modified.

Hope this is helpful, and that people can also find ways to expand it!

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HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj