I had a blast writing about Shortcuts with OmniFocus 3.4 last week, but based on reader Jason Clarke’s feedback, I think it would be good to round out my Daily Journal Shortcut with a bit more detail, as well as a second partner Shortcut that leverages it.

My Daily Agenda Journal Shortcut (based on the Daily Journal Shortcut I shared last week) connects OmniFocus data (due/overdue, flag and available, and Forecast-tagged and available actions) with calendar and weather data to create a note in Agenda.

What I love about using Agenda for this is that the way its x-callback-urls are constructed (making and opening notes based on titles), I can know the URL to open a given note before I even make it.

With that in mind, I also have a Today Shortcut, whose sole job is to open today’s entry in my daily journal in Agenda for referencing throughout the day. This is a great way to make sure I am maximizing the value of the journal entries.

Thanks to Jason for the feedback, and hope this extended version of the Shortcut is valuable for all!

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