Taming my Drafts Inbox

I am (once again) in love with Drafts, and having all my text start there.

While I love the idea that Rosemary Orchard had about turning on the badge in Drafts to indicate inbox items, badges amp me up too much, and so I needed a less in-the-face method of making sure these draft Drafts don’t get lost.

I felt like the smoothest thing for me to do would be to have a way of scraping whatever all is in my Drafts inbox, and then indicating to me, in OmniFocus, that I have an open action about some text (otherwise it wouldn’t be in my Drafts inbox!).

So this is the Shortcut I built. I figured I should share, because this seems like something others might be able to use, too.

Enjoy, and if you have ideas about how this might be improved, I’d be interested to hear!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj