My Guided Weekly Review

I really really benefit from the review of my projects and actions weekly, but I find it so hard to do. With constant ideas about things I could chase, or looking at that next project or back to one I was at already, I find myself wanting to bounce around the review more than follow it, and this doesn’t have the best effects.

To help myself stay on track for an OmniFocus review, I built myself this Guided Weekly Review Shortcut for iOS.

Best run with headphones 😎

On import, it will ask for the tag to use for actions added. On each run, it will ask for the folder(s) whose projects I want to review, then tell me, one by one, the name of a project followed by a prompt to speak back the next action. If what I say blank is nothing, it goes on to the next project, else it adds what I speak as an action to that project tagged with the tag I identified from import question (I made a tag called “From Review”, so that I can quickly group, review, update, and refine what I add during this process).

What I love about this is that I can throw my AirPods in, go for a walk, and conduct an effective review.

Optionally, I might add a display of actions in the project being reviewed, but my goal was to avoid having to look at the screen. I did add purposeful pauses, though (press stop to halt dictation, press okay to move on) so that I wouldn’t feel rushed to speak my action, and so that I could drive the pace of review and not systematize that.

Hope this is helpful to others - let me know what you think!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj