One of the features I wish OmniFocus had was the ability to add checklists. As an example, I need to go through a morning routine of four items every morning, but having four discrete actions in OmniFocus feels a little clutterful, and having a badge that reads 4 seems inappropriate.

There are other use cases, of course, where a number of steps represented by a single task makes sense to me:

  • Do my weekly review
  • Complete post-production on Nested Folders episode
  • Make bread in the bread maker

Thanks to iOS Shortcuts, the amazing Toolbox Pro actions for it, and some internet research, I have come up with a solution that creates a single task in OmniFocus, a list in Reminders with the same name, and the steps laid out in that list, which is linked to from the note of the OmniFocus task.

It’s a little bit hacky, but I think this help me keep my OmniFocus actions focused (ha), while giving the discrete steps to my actions a safe home for reuse.

Interested to hear if others find this useful!

4 thoughts on “Solved: Making Checklists in OmniFocus via Reminders

  1. Hey Scotty,
    If we set the generated task in OF to repeat does this regenerate/reset the items on the Reminders list each time? Or, do we have to run the shortcut over and relist the items?
    Also, could this shortcut work with the Due app instead of Reminders?


    • Hey Warren, great question!

      The Reminders list happens via the Shortcut, and not by OF, so OF reads would let you down here. That said, you could ummark all the Reminders items as done, and then let the OF task repeat and be okay.

      I’ll admit I haven’t used Due before, but if it has a URL scheme or Shortcuts actions support, I’m sure this could be done!

  2. So the items on the reminders list are more for reference right? Got it, I appreciate your shortcuts and articles. I recently started using Agenda due to your Daily Journal shortcut. This stuff is awesome

    • Yes, pretty much – there’s no forced correlation there (you could complete the OF task and run away screaming with no reflection of anything in Reminders or vice versa, screaming optional).

      Glad this is helpful! I enjoy putting this stuff together to help me manage myself, but love hearing that someone else finds some value in it, too.

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