Solved: Making Checklists in OmniFocus via Reminders

One of the features I wish OmniFocus had was the ability to add checklists. As an example, I need to go through a morning routine of four items every morning, but having four discrete actions in OmniFocus feels a little clutterful, and having a badge that reads 4 seems inappropriate.

There are other use cases, of course, where a number of steps represented by a single task makes sense to me:

  • Do my weekly review
  • Complete post-production on Nested Folders episode
  • Make bread in the bread maker

Thanks to iOS Shortcuts, the amazing Toolbox Pro actions for it, and some internet research, I have come up with a solution that creates a single task in OmniFocus, a list in Reminders with the same name, and the steps laid out in that list, which is linked to from the note of the OmniFocus task.

It’s a little bit hacky, but I think this help me keep my OmniFocus actions focused (ha), while giving the discrete steps to my actions a safe home for reuse.

Interested to hear if others find this useful!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj