Productivity Home Screen: Reminders Edition

I wrote about re-imaging my Home Screen for productivity, and have gotten some tremendous feedback and ideas. Thanks everyone!

One thought really stuck with me: that this screen was designed around OmniFocus as a data source. This makes sense, since I use OmniFocus, and it's my screen, but what about others?

For those who use Reminders or Reminders-based apps like GoodTask, I have made an updated WidgetPack widget and an updated Charty rings widget.

Now, of course I also had to fiddle with it, because I’m me, but here are some thoughts:

  • Yes, my first cut had more functionality, but I was finding too many aspects distracting, so I have distilled the content more: actions and events only
  • Having events on my front page (courtesy of a more compressed heading) is really useful
  • Speaking of the header, it is now linked to the Shortcut to refresh widget content
  • Toolbox Pro actions make each Reminder shown link back to themselves in the Reminders app
  • The heading above actions (GET TO IT) links to the Shortcut to refresh the Charty ring widget (though the latest beta allows the widget to run a shortcut!)

That context out of the way, the things you would need to have these widgets work:

If you have those, I hope you enjoy these!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj