MS Productivity

I got to talk about my health when I had the opportunity to guest on the Conduit podcast (which was great), but I have now been formally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

This diagnosis starts to open doors to better treatments and helps explain why I'm in pain all the time, although... I'm still in pain all the time.

I'm most grateful that I am as in to productivity, internal processes, and workflows as I am, because I am on constant need of budgeting physical energy and cognitive capability, all while trying to keep myself motivated. Without that kind of thinking, I don't even know what I'd be doing.

I tweeted recently and asked what topics about productivity would be interesting when thinking about dealing with chronic illness or disease, and the clear response (thanks to everyone who got in touch) was that there are two areas of interest:

  1. Energy management and optimization/conservation
  2. Measurements of success

I really appreciated how clear everyone was about this, and these topics seem the most right for me to think and write about.

I'm keen to start blogging more regularly again, but I thought it would be good to set up with this context about what I'll probably talk most about (energy and measures) and why that is. Same tools still all apply here, but that's the lens through which I'm looking at life.

For now, I'm polishing a few new/updated Shortcuts that I'll be excited to share, and will get back to the grind.

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj