Shortcut with Things: Meeting Prep Email

Recently, Cultured Code, the group behind the task management app Things, shared that the upcoming 3.17 version woul include deeper support for Shortcuts. I get a lot of requests for my Shortcuts to support Things, but that hasn’t been possible until this new version (previous versions' Shortcuts actions basically all landed you in the Things interface, without being able to otherwise read, manipulate, or share Things data).

I will be re-tooling a bunch of my Shortcuts to support Things in this new incarnation, but as a start, I thought I would share a first fast one I whipped up:

Things Meeting Prep Email Shortcut →

This Shortcut creates an email draft intended to be sent to recipients in advance of a meeting.

It asks for a tag to be searched for and creates a text list of tasks with that tag in a draft email. It will also either use the search key as a greeting in the email or allow you to enter one of your own.

This is great for meetings with my boss, where I can search her name as a tag in Things, and then have an email drafted to her before our weekly 1:1 conversations.

As of this writing, Things 3.17 is in beta, so that is required for this to work for you, but hope you enjoy!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj