Make a Things project from a task template

Another Things Shortcut, this one is for creating a project based on an existing task as a template.

It assumes there is a task in Someday that has a checklist items within it. This Shortcut will search for that task based on key words, confirm it found the right one, then make a project from it with each checklist item as a task inside it.

I like this approach, because the management of the template is super easy inside of Things, and this Shortcut could then be bigged up pretty easily with more features:

  • make a menu of known task templates to use instead of typing keywords
  • add ask for input actions to set deadline dates
  • add placeholder text that is replaced with other ask for input questions
  • show the checklist items as a list and select which all to add to the project in cases where maybe not all tasks apply
  • and so on


Download the Things project template Shortcut →

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj