Shortcut: Review my Things Someday list

One of the things (ha) that I really like about OmniFocus is the review feature, particularly combined with defer dates. I like pushing off as many tasks as possible so that only a subset are available, keeping me from getting overwhelmed.

As I continue to explore Things, I love the Someday list to shove stuff aside, but I worry that too much in there will get lost.

To help myself out, I made a Shortcut that grabs every task in Someday, tags it with Review, then opens the Review list. That way, I can remove the tag as I go, and not worry about leaving stuff in the ether.

Download my Review my Things Someday list Shortcut →

I like shoving as much as I can into Someday this way, ensuring that I only look at tasks/projects that I have deliberately selected as options for actions as opposed to seeing all that is not yet done (read: infinity).

I hope this is useful for others!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj