Golf score tracker

This is a neat Shortcut that was requested by an internet friend that I thought others might find useful. The goal was an easy way to keep a running record of golf scores in a note, but I wanted this to be as simple and as elegant as possible.

On import, the Shortcut will ask for the name of the note to create for this. On first run, it will ask where you are playing and your score for hole one. This will be added alongside a datestamp to the note. On subsequent runs, the Shortcut will use the last scored hole to know to know what hole's score to ask for next, which will be appended to the note.

If the last scored hole was 18, it will start a new game, asking where you're playing and the score for hole one, thus restarting the count.

Hope someone can enjoy this!

Download the Golf score tracker Shortcut →

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj