My beacon list

When I’m not sure where to turn, let this list light a way forward.


Work hard
Be kind
Have fun

Try to always

  • Take ownership
  • Think small
  • Appreciate the moment
  • Share openly, listen more
  • Be collaboration
  • Go slow
  • Think inside the box
  • Add value or do something else
  • Be amused
  • Read
  • Laugh
  • Don’t just start; establish
  • Less debate, more sell
  • Family first
  • Listen to understand, not to reply
  • Drive awareness
  • Make everyone a winner
  • Prove it

Planning triggers

  • What’s working? What isn’t?
  • What’s starting? What’s completing?
  • What’s changing? What should change? What isn’t? What shouldn’t?
  • What’s inspiring? Depressing?
  • What’s meaningful? What’s inconsequential?
  • What’s next?
HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj