My app defaults

On the ninety-seventh episode of the Hemispheric Views podcast, which has gathered a storm of infamy and controversy, hosts Jason and Martin squared off in a no holds barred competition over who might be the most default in their app choices, “helped” by Andrew.

Now, I am very late in participating, I understand this. As they say, the best time to plant a tree was 150 years ago, the second best time is now.

Let’s be honest, there were no bad choices from either competitors. Thank goodness Andrew wasn’t a competitor. 

But enough banter! For your consideration, here follows my answers to each of the questions posed.

📫 Mail server: iCloud+ (with custom domain)

📥 Mail client: Mail

📝 Notes: Notes

☑️ Todos: Reminders

📷 Photo taking: Camera (usually Control Center, but maybe the icon on the Lock Screen)

🎞️ Photo management: Photos

🗓️ Calendar: Calendar

☁️ Cloud file storage: iCloud Drive

🗞️ RSS: None, intentional trips to sites only.

📇 Contacts management: Contacts

🌐 Web browser: Safari

💬 Chat: This is a bonkers category, because there is no default, so I refuse to play Andrew’s ridiculous game. The only reasonable answer is Messages.

🔖 Bookmarks: Safari

📚 Read later: Reminders

⌨️ Word processing: Pages

🔩 Spreadsheets: Numbers

🩻 Presentations: Keynote

🛒 Shopping list: Reminders

🧆 Meal planning: Again, balderdash. This category has no default. But being real, it’s Notes.

🏦 Budgeting and personal finance: Sigh, there is no real… nevermind, I’ll not chew my spinach thrice. Apps for the banking institutions with which I have accounts and a set of Numbers sheets.

📰 News: Apple News, do you need to know the feeds, really? Oh wait, is this kind of RSS? Hm.

🎶 Music: Music

🔊 Podcasts: Podcasts

🔐 Password management: Keychain/iCloud Passwords

Also, my favourite app for shortcuts is Shortcuts. ❤️

This episode and participations (I love reading them from the amazing directory put together by Robb Knight) are a blast. Love all of this!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj