Working OmniFocus with Widgets

Maybe I'm impatient, but I just love OmniFocus as my task management system, but am also finding my way of interacting with my phone deeply changed by iOS 14 and widgets.

I tweeted last week about this: Shortcuts (though that was iOS 13) and widgets let me get at expose functions and content of apps in ways that make me think less about the app itself, and more about the discrete and specific ways I benefit from them. Everything becomes a service.

I'm spending less time "in apps" and way more time just at my home screens. Do I care about what the weather app says in totality, or do I just need to know the temperature outside right now? Do I need to see my calendar, or do I just need to know what's up next and when? Do I need to see my task management system, or do I just need the list of things due today?

This shift is very powerful.

I was referred to WidgetPack, which reminds me a bit of Charty in its conceit: a set of iOS Shortcuts actions to capture, arrange, and format content in to a widget. Given that I love me my shortcuts, this was the solution I needed for bringing the value of widgets to the power of OmniFocus.

Here's my Home Screen:

The stack of large widgets require WidgetPack, and are built with these Shortcuts:

For bonus marks, each of these widgets links to OmniFocus perspectives when tapped: the Today Forecast view for Due and Tagged, and the Flagged perspective for Flagged. Naturally.

The small widget is powered by Charty, and I have written about it already.

Hope these are useful!

HeyScottyJ @heyscottyj