On the latest episode of Nested Folders, Rosemary Orchard and I talked about decluttering for productivity. It was super inspirational for me.

Timing has a lot to do with ideas. I’m no stranger to decluttering, minimalism, and just plain thinking about better spaces. I loved Marie Kondo’s books, as well as The Power of Less and Zen Habits by Leo Babauta, but there is a big difference between appreciating ideas and implementing them. We’ve even done a Nested Folders episode specifically on workspace setup before. But the timing here? Just right.

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I wrote about re-imaging my Home Screen for productivity, and have gotten some tremendous feedback and ideas. Thanks everyone!

One thought really stuck with me: that this screen was designed around OmniFocus as a data source. This makes sense, since I use OmniFocus, and it’s my screen, but what about others?

For those who use Reminders or Reminders-based apps like GoodTask, I have made an updated WidgetPack widget and an updated Charty rings widget.

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Update: The links for the Get To It and Dashboard widgets have been updated with fixes (addressed an error if no matching OF tasks in Get To It and changed iconography alignment for calendar events in Dashboard). Enjoy!

Home Screen fever calmed down a bit as iOS 14 wove its way in to my every day. I had settled in to my routines and was living my best widget life.

And then Charty’s new beta hit. And I reimagined everything.

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